Photographer Bio

I'm a Fine Art photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ve always been intrigued by the complex power of the visual medium. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia I recall experimenting with my Mom’s 35MM Minolta in the first grade. Inevitably, this led to creating home movie’s at the age of Seven, carefully stitching together vacation stories in real time, it was the days before computers had the power to edit video.

Storytelling has always been the biggest passion of my life. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production from Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga in Australia. It was here that I found myself faced with the new challenges of learning the technical components of the visual medium. Photography was no longer just about composition, but F-stops, filters and shutter speeds all came into the equation.

My freshmen year of college introduced me to a class based on the fundamentals of traditional Black and White photography, and a project called “Signs of life”. It was in this class that I began to discover a talent for creating simple moments, void of modern distractions. That project is the catalyst for many of the creative styles & techniques influencing my work today. Perhaps this is where I became hooked on Photography, and in particular, Black and White.

I’ve always had an immense sense of adventure; perhaps spurred on by being born and raised in Australia, to an American mother & English father. After college that knack for travel and adventure took me on a journey seven thousand miles across the Pacific Ocean to work in the American film business.

Despite the hectic lifestyle of Hollywood, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be blessed by a career spanning twelve years. It’s a career that has provided me with a phenomenal insight into this vast country, and one that has introduced me to many diverse locations and characters that you probably wouldn’t experience in everyday life. It’s in this career that I’ve been afforded the exclusive opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s best Cinematographers, studying their style & techniques firsthand.  

Much of my down time over the past twelve years has been spent traveling the world, relentlessly searching for inspirational imagery and practicing my newly adopted photographic techniques. I don’t believe there’s any secret to taking a good photograph. Location, composition and time of day all play a part, but perhaps the largest contributing factor is persistence. I’ve sometimes frequented the same location over and over again, until that vision in my mind matches what you see on film.

It’s a rare in today’s market to find a photographer shooting on film, yet I find it one of the most crucial elements in conveying a minimalistic old worldly feel. Shooting on film not only regulates how much you shoot, but enforces a strict discipline and intellectual thought process.

I came to New Orleans on a 6-Week job and have now been here 6 years. Something about this majestic city is infectious; New Orleans gets under your skin and just won’t let you leave. It’s here that I balance managing the Andy Moine Company, and work as an Assistant Director on various film and television productions. There’s a saying around these parts: ‘We don’t live in New Orleans because its easy, we live in New Orleans because we are incapable of living the same lives anywhere else.” Its true, I like it here, I might stay a while…